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Located directly on Eldridge Parkway, less than one mile from 1-10 and one mile from Westheimer. 46 & 2 barber is between 2 great restaurants Poblano’s Mexican Restaurant and Petit Cafe Mediterranean Restaurant.

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A new modern interior with a relaxing environment complimented by your choice of beverage. The shop remains clean and vibrant with music that allows you to relax and join to enjoy

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  •   Don't go. I love supporting local businesses, but this haircut was unacceptable. Going in on a Saturday, Chris took care of a subtle undercut and fade but ended up balding the bottom half of my head and shaving the sides of my hair unevenly where you can see the irritation and new lining. The cut was one thing but for you to not have certain guards and a comb to evenly blend in the cut is another thing. He didn't even have a hair clamp, he borrowed from his neighbor! Lastly, the irritation from the blades are difficult to describe. The pain that I'm enduring is the exact feeling I get when I have razor cuts from a bad shave. Now wishing that my hair can grow back faster so I can go to a new place. I am not a person to talk crap but now I am leaving to my office job like this until my hair grows back. Thank you 46&2

    thumb Stephanie N.

      Been twice. Got my haircut by Brandon and Oscar. They took my requests and provided me with two distinct styles. Both cuts were loved by the wife and complimented by others. 46 & 2 is now part of my monthly routine.

    thumb Christopher C.

      Johnny does a great job. He always takes his time on my hair and never rushes or gives me a sloppy haircut. Great barber

    thumb Stewart C.
  •   They did a very good job.. And very affordable.. He took his time.. Will return for my next haircut

    thumb Daniel D.

      Best barbershop in town! I went to Elias he pays attention to detail and is always willing to give you options no matter what style or cut you're going for.i highly recommend you  to check out the shop when you're in the area!

    thumb Yesenia P.

      I'm usually really hesitant to cut my hair at new places because I don't want them to mess up but this place is the best. $20 is a pretty steep price to pay for a haircut (only on Wednesdays) but it was worth every penny. Oscar is the guy to go to if you want a really good haircut. He knows how to cut hair very well and did such a good job I brought my brother in the next day for a cut. I don't think I'll be getting my hair cut anywhere else from now on.

    thumb John C.
  •   Oscar turned my tragic into magic. He was very professional, attentive to detail and had the perfect imagination one needs for this job. I was tired of lame, basic hair cuts. I was his canvas and he made my head the masterpiece. Great ambience, friendly staff and an over all positive experience. If I could, I'd give this place a 100 star. Oscar did the damn thing. I will be back for sure. Much love to this place. If you haven't been, wtf are you waiting for! Go... Now!!

    thumb Arty G.

      Just finished got my first haircut here and Oscar we my stylist. This location is stunning on the inside and has a great relaxing area while you wait on service. A secluded room with lounge chairs, coffee, drinks, etc. Oscar was also phenomenal. I have never gone to an actual barber shop and have been a sport clips regular for as long as I can remember. I have never left sport clips feeling 100% percent satisfied, but Oscar really nailed it. He listened to what I was looking for, made some suggestions(which look fantastic), and he took his TIME! He was also very personable, and a good guy all around. I definitely recommend anyone trying this location to seek out Oscar, I promise you'll he will deliver beyond expectations. I definitely won't be going back to sport clips anymore.

    thumb Tyler E.

      This place is awesome! VIP Waiting lounge and great haircuts that don't break the bank. I just moved to Houston and have been looking for a new barber for about 2 months and have finally found my new place. John's attention to detail and ability to keep listening to exactly what I was looking to do gave me a cut that I was impressed with which has not happened in a while! Will be a regular here!

    thumb Aaron G.
  •   Good experience with Johnny cutting my hair, I have a pleasure working with these guys at 46 & 2 Barber, great team. I am proud of their brand as a barbershop with their setup and with me working with them for their barber website, photos and printing, I plan to have 46 & 2 Barber become my go-to barber for me and my team at Neil Jou Productions.

    thumb Neil J.

      This ownership is dope the set up is perfect ...... my boy from Miami gave me the best cut ever I'm telling y'all this is truly the barbershop in Houston ...... I'm thankful I found barbers out here that's dope with that razor and them clippers

    thumb Edward W.

      I normally don't cheat on my barber, but my boss brought me here to get a haircut cause we had some free time and I'm glad he did . The shaped me up with a blade ! They have massage chairs for the people who are waiting as well . Stop on by make a reservation first tho cause there pretty popular

    thumb Alex L.
  •   Friendly staff, clean place, and most importantly a great haircut from Johnny. He really took his time and made sure all was to my liking. I'll be coming back for sure.

    thumb John F Margeson J.

      This is defiantly my go to spot in Houston for a great clean well done Haircut. Giselle is amazing! She is very detailed and quick. Extremely friendly and professional. I can book in advance and not wait. Anytime I'm in Houston I try to get in here. I can't recommend her enough.  This place is the best.

    thumb Jason D.

      Went in for a haircut and shave this morning. Was politely greeted and seated right as I walked in. Stylist was very nice and would ask how I preferred things and made sure everything was to my liking. Great attention to detail and thoroughness on the shave and haircut. Well worth the price and I definitely see myself going back!

    thumb Albert R.
  •   I have been looking for a barber, not a hair stylist, not a hair consultant, not a hair specialist, just a barber and the Gods have answered...and his name is Johnny. Guys can get their hair cut anywhere you go to a barber to relax and get your hair cut. If I want a 10 minute hair cut i can go to to sports cuts, but thats not what i want. I found where i will be coming for as long as they can staff the kind of skill and customer service like that of Johnny. This place is open on sunday and they take appointments so its great. I have a family so l dont have lots of spare time this solves those issues pretty easyplus makes it enjoyable. I have not tried any of the other people there but i read the reviews and went with what sounded like the best. I recommend to try them especially Johnny. I will say i dont understand the 10 bucks for a waiting room buti make my appointment so I'm in and out with a great straight razor haircut.

    thumb Lu M.

      Pretty chill atmosphere. If you come in ask for Johnny, he will hook you up. I've been in between barbers for a while but I'm definitely sticking with him. One of the best cuts I've ever had, highly  recommend him.

    thumb Patrick R.

      Both Barbers were great. Listened to request and applied them effortlessly when cutting my sons' and my hair. I highly recommend them just off their skill in barbering and also their shop set-up is phenomenal. Lounge was a great touch.

    thumb Jack G.