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Located directly on Eldridge Parkway, less than one mile from 1-10 and one mile from Westheimer. 46 & 2 barber is between 2 great restaurants Poblano’s Mexican Restaurant and Petit Cafe Mediterranean Restaurant.

Upscale Interior

A new modern interior with a relaxing environment complimented by your choice of beverage. The shop remains clean and vibrant with music that allows you to relax and join to enjoy

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  •   Been coming here for the past year and I've always been happy with my haircut. Brandon does an amazing job!

    thumb Luis R.

      First time here. Just moved to this area, was super excited to find a Barber shop so close to where I live. I'm pretty particular about my hair, but Tanner did a great job. Everything I wanted done he did to my hair , also I was excited to find out that he can actually use hair shears to cut my pony tail.

    Tanner is GREAT!!!

    thumb Race C.

      Great haircut. My wife says it's the best recent haircut I have had and she usually doesn't comment.

    Busy and meticulous. Call ahead.

    thumb Duke B.
  •   I had been growing my beard out for a couple of months, but it was time to get it cleaned up and trimmed a little. I wanted to leave the length because that's what helped cover the patchier spots and I didn't want to change the overall shape, which was full and down to about my Adam's apple.

    I couldn't get in anytime soon any my regular barbershop, so I made an appointment here instead. How hard could it be, I thought? It will be fine.

    My specific instructions to the Barber were:
    -I want to keep the overall length and shape.
    -I showed him where on my cheek I wanted the line cut.
    -Trim some of the longer hairs to even it up a bit.
    -Clean up the edges.

    Make sense? Any questions, I asked? All good, he indicated.

    Then he laid me back and started cutting. I felt early on that he didn't seem to be following some of my instructions. He took out clippers and started trimming some edges. Good. But then he started going over primary parts of my beard with what felt like pretty short clippers. It felt like a lot of hair was being cut off (which is not what I wanted). Surely not, I thought. I couldn't see a mirror and he had already jumped in, so I didn't question it. He's probably just taking off a little bulk in specific places.

    Then he changed clippers and started shaping on my cheeks and under my ears. That seems right, I thought. All of a sudden, I felt the clippers about an inch under my chin, and he proceeded to shave almost 60% of the hair off between my Adam's Apple and the underside of my chin. Without even seeing in the mirror, I knew my beard had been changed from pretty full with good coverage to the kind of shape you look at and then think, why does that guy shave his beard all the way to his jawline? That looks weird.

    I guess I wasn't clear enough about my overall vision. I guess I wasn't specific enough about what I did and did not want done. But if there is any lack of clarity, I thought the barber would/should double-check before he starts in with major changes.

    "Uh, hey man. I know you said you just wanted to trim some of the longer hairs and keep the shape on your neck, but I really think it would look better if we made the whole thing much shorter and I shave it almost up to your jawline. Sound good?"

    NO THAT DOESN'T SOUND GOOD! But unfortunately, I was never asked and he just did it.

    I'm very disappointed at how this turned out, and I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't stop the barber early on when I felt like things my not be going exactly right. Maybe it was already off the rails too far to be saved, but either way, it's done. Bye bye beard.

    My advice to anyone who has invested a lot of time growing out their beard and is particular about how they want it to be cut and look, I would look for another barbershop. If you do end up here, I would be exceedingly specific about what you do and don't want them to do. You want them to leave most of the length? Tell them only to use scissors to get rid of the longest hairs; no clippers unless you tell them exactly what blade/guard length is ok. You want them to leave the overall shape on your neck? Tell them not to cut any higher than X on your neck.

    Make sure they understand exactly before they turn you away from the mirror and start buzzing. I wish I had.

    thumb David C.

      Excellent services for fair price.  Very skilled at their trade.  been there about 6 times.  Too bad my regular has apparently left.   Got a new cut today and he nailed it.

    thumb Chip R.

      Scheduling an appointment on a Friday was no problem. Place was clean, staff was cool, Covid measures were in effect.  Dude who cut my hair and trimmed my beard was a seasoned pro. I definitely recommend.

    thumb Ken M.
  •   Nice interior and easy to get an appointment. Terrible haircut!!! His scissors weren't sharp and they just shredded my hair. The cut was uneven and had no form. The barber was really disingenuous and only talked in order to get a tip. Looking for a regular barber but will never be back here again.

    thumb G M.

      Great place to get a haircut or beard trim....just get to know your barbers work  before you book your appointment.....

    thumb Vidal S.

      Awesome place to get your hair cut very nice and professional, clean and has a nice lounging area.
    Johnny is my go to be He cuts my hair and he pays attention to detail great experience

    thumb Nessim M.
  •   I come here every week! Oscar, Johnny, and Allison are great barbers! make sure and book an appointment! Nice waiting room with drinks!

    thumb Daniel D.

      I really like(d) this place. Johnny gives a great haircut. But they really drop the ball when it comes to appointments. On multiple occasions, I have waited for over 30 minutes for Johnny to finish the person who he was working on when I got there (at or just a few minutes before my appointment time).

    This last time, I had a 12:20 appointment. He was working on someone when I got there at 12:15. At 12:40, he finished with that person and, instead of taking me, he took a walk-in that was waiting when I got there. Another gentleman said that he had an appointment with Johnny at 1:00 and wasn't about to wait behind 2 haircuts, so he got up and left. I gave them until 1:00, and with Johnny still working on the walk-in, I left too.

    My advice to this place is to honor your appointments. When you start doing that, I'll come back.

    thumb Heath G.

      I dropped in when visiting from out of town. It's always scary getting your hair cut by a stranger but they did a great job. The waiting room with stocked and complimentary bar, massage chair, and tv is great.

    thumb Matt B.
  •   I Came here to visit and desperately needed a hair cut. They hooked me up . The staff were all friendly , I came in without an appointment and they got me in without waiting. Next time I pass through Houston i will defiantly make this one of my Stops!!

    thumb Jeremy B.

      Just tried this place for the first time . Omar gave me a great hair cut and did a great job on my beard. I will definitely be back again.

    thumb Walter A.

      First time at 46&2 today. Oscar did a fantastic job cutting my hair and was a really nice guy in the process.  He is meticulous and really cares about his work. Highly recommend the shop and Oscar.   You may want to come early just to spend some time in the massage chair in the lounge.

    thumb Randy C.
  •   Been in Houston for 4 years trying to find a great barber , glad a coworker referred me to Johnny , best barber in the Houston area ! Satisfied every single time !

    thumb Rxxmlit G.

      Friendly staff at the front desk.
    Positive stops there.

    Got literally butchered.
    Got the "46.02 package":
    - Beard looks very messy, no attention to details with hair sticking out all over the place and no symmetry. Painful bloody deep cuts. LOTS of blood... WTH!
    - Haircut: Brandon didn't follow my request. Basically combed the hair back annnnd "done". No point trying to get that fixed.

    When I left, I already knew it was bad. Once in my car, I realized how awful it was. I didn't bother coming back in. There is no way they could have fixed it. And I figured I didn't need any further torture.

    Obviously, I'll never come back.
    I was really looking forward to a positive experience considering their ratings on Yelp and the convenience of the location. Did I just get the wrong guy? Btw Johnny (who has nice reviews) no longer works there.

    In short, if you want to pay $50 to look like you had a long vicious fight (and lost) with a drunk raccoon on amphetamine, then make sure you go there. And Brandon will take care of you. Otherwise, just go a bit further down the road and find a true professional barber.

    thumb Matt B.

      Just moved to Houston and did some research. I arrived at my scheduled time and was told hello and what's your name. I wasn't fond of the reception. I proceeded to sit down in the chair and was asked "what do you want?" I should have gotten up then. In my entire life I have never not had one word of convo with someone cutting my hair. Literally, nothing. Absolute silence. If you're going to be in customer service industry you need to have excellent communication skills. The clippers were the type used at great clips. There has to be much better shops in Houston. YMMV but I won't be back.

    thumb B D.